Kick-starting the new year

When meeting with clients, we often explain to them that securing intellectual property rights of inventions or products is an important step of the process, but it is just the start and sometimes is the easiest part of bringing a product to market or starting a new business venture. Millions of great ideas are conceived […]

Hazy times for Colorado’s marijuana businesses

Many businesses are dealing with the impacts of Colorado’s foray into recreational marijuana. Often, this uncertainty is focused on how the new laws and regulations will be implemented. While compliance with the Colorado regulatory framework is often the first priority of companies associated with the marijuana industry, another important legal issue is lurking below the […]

The perils of public-generated content

There is a well-known phrase known to businesses relying on the internet to help drive marketing and sales: “Content is king.” That phrase has expanded, in the wake of businesses turning to Facebook and YouTube and in the development and use of better consumer digital cameras and video. That new and improved phrase is this: […]

Moving on up – and out

Some of you may have noticed that our firm has not published a new column in a few weeks now. The reason for this is that we were engaged in a Major Office Move.  You know the kind: anguished over for months, thought about repeatedly at 3 a.m. and again at 6 a.m. and over […]

Clash of the tax and retail titans

Since I counsel a lot of online businesses, including online retailers, I am often asked about the sales tax implications of online sales. Generally speaking, the answer is pretty easy: If you are a Colorado business and sell goods to individuals residing in Colorado, then you have to collect Colorado sales tax and the appropriate […]

Colorado Intellectual Property Attorney writes about protecting your business online: recent changes to top-level domains part 1

Policing how your trademark or business name appears on the Internet is important to insure it is being displayed in the manner you want. Even if your business’s online presence is minimal, recent changes in how generic top-level domain (“gTLD”) names are assigned could have significant impact on your company. These changes will affect how […]

Colorado Trade Secrets Attorney Explains Recent Developments Making the Protection of Trade Secrets a Bit Easier in Colorado

The Colorado Supreme Court recently made implementation of certain intellectual property policies and protections a bit easier for companies with staff, who, in the past might have taken their employers’ intellectual property and used it to compete with them. Over the years Leyendecker & Lemire has worked with a number of established businesses to implement […]

THE LEMONADE STAND and of solving our country’s economic doldrums.

In the beginning we were a nation of adventurers willing to strike out into the unknown and take chances on an uncertain future with dreams of prosperity if not for ourselves for our children. This came naturally to us: our parents and grandparents risked death on the high seas crammed into the wooden bowels of […]

A Tip From a Colorado Internet Attorney: Website Owners Beware – What You Promise To Do May Cost You

In general, the federal communications decency act has two provisions that provide very strong liability protections for service providers, to the extent that that protection was once thought to be invincible.  However, recent cases have shown that service may be liable if they promise to take corrective action, but fail to follow through. The first […]

When Is the Best Time to Start A Business?

In the last year or so millions of people have been laid off from their jobs. Additional millions are worried or concerned that they may be next.  It has crossed the minds of many if not most of these people that perhaps they should start their own business to gain control of their destinies and […]