Occam’s Razor

Originally Posted 1/15/08  For those like me who before today were unaware of this principle derived from the teachings of a 14th-century Fraciscan friar, Occam’s Razor goes something like this: All things being equal, the simplest solution is the best As recently outlined in the Patently-O blog, this solution was recently applied by U.S. District […]

New Trademark Owners: Beware!!!

Originally Posted 11/7/07  In the past, we have seen owners of federally registered trademarks receiving notices purporting to be from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or another entity with an officially sounding name. These notices typically offer a service which the notice states is urgent and/or required for the mark to continue […]

Don’t write your own patents

Originally Posted  10/11/07 The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) recently ruled an inventor’s patents were uneforceable: Nilssen v. Osram Sylvania. Why? Because the inventor wrote, applied, and dealt with the Patent Trademark Office (PTO) on an individual, pro se, basis. Now, not everyone who prosecutes their own patent applications with the […]

What do you think?

Originally Posted 9/18/07 As recently stated in the online blog Lexology, American Airlines recently sued Google for trademark misappropriation. See American Airlines, Inc. v. Google, Inc., No. 4-070V-487-A (N.D. Texas, Aug. 16, 2007). In its complaint, Amercian alleges that Google’s policy of allowing other companies to display paid links to their sites when Google users […]

I was right.

Originally Posted 8/14/07 Way back on April 19th of this year, I wrote about the potential for patent reform occuring this year, and stating my case for why I was against it (http://www.lld-law.com/2007/04/will-patent-reform-occur-this-year.html#links). Recently, the Wall Street Journal ran a commentary article on the Patent Reform Act of 2007. Although I missed this article, I […]

Who’s the bad guy here?

Originally Posted 8/9/07 Another day, another post. I’m obvously trying to quickly break us out of the blogging slump we were in… So, in today’s Wall Street Journal, an article states that Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is suing the Red Cross for trademark infringement (WSJ Article Link). Apparently, J&J owns the trademark of a greek […]

Is InventSAI breaking the law?

Originally Posted 8/8/07 The post is wholly one attorney’s opinion and in no way states the opinion of the firm, or attempts to establish any facts. Today I learned that an Invention Promotion Company, InventSAI, may not be fulfilling their required duty, by law, of disclosing the profitability of companies using their services. In fact, […]


Originally Posted 8/6/07 written by Kurt Leyendecker OK, for thos of you who don’t know me by now should realize that I’m sarcastic. Hence, the title of this blog article. Addtionally, it would be remiss of me if I failed to say sorry. I’m sorry that we’ve been absent from posting any recent blogs – […]

Kudos to Advent Product Development!!!

Originally Posted 5/14/07 Between Oct 1, 1998 and Dec 6, 2004, they had a perfectly imperfect record! That is, of 2452 people that signed Phase II representation Agreements, NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE made more money than they gave to Advent Product Development! The beauty is this is the number the company itself presented in […]

Business Method Patents – Are they worth it?

Originally Posted 5/14/07 Good Question. A recent article in the ABA Journal by Steve Seidenberg discusses the most recent group of business method patents to hit the PTO – tax patents. These patents cover useful, unique and nonobvious implementations of the tax law. Mr. Seidenberg’s article takes on an anti-tax patent strategy theme in discussing […]