Patent Searches – An animated guide

Only this morning, I received a comment on a blog post suggesting that the information contained in our articles be turned into video presentations.  Coincidentally, we have been working on this very thing!  Enclosed below is our first effort: an animation created at  This website allows you to take any printed text and turn […]

Make your Trademark “Google Friendly”

When choosing a trademark for a product or service your company provides, make the mark “Google friendly”.  A video blog post by Kurt Leyendecker of the law Firm of Leyendecker and Lemire.  Find us on the web at or call 303.768.0123.

Resources for Inventors and Entrepreneurs

I was able to catch a few minutes of the Patent Office’s 15th Annual Independent Inventors Conference web cast.  The speaker was from the Kaufman Foundation, an organization dedicated to fostering and promoting entrepreneurship in the United States.  If you are not familiar with these folks, their website is perhaps worth checking out.  See […]

A Tip From a Colorado Internet Attorney: Website Owners Beware – What You Promise To Do May Cost You

In general, the federal communications decency act has two provisions that provide very strong liability protections for service providers, to the extent that that protection was once thought to be invincible.  However, recent cases have shown that service may be liable if they promise to take corrective action, but fail to follow through. The first […]

Colorado Intellectual Property Attorney Talks About Intellectual Property in 6 Minutes

Check out the first entry in our new video tutorial series concerning intellectual property.  Please provide feedback so that we can make the series even better.