Colorado Intellectual Property Attorney writes about protecting your business online: recent changes to top-level domains part 1

Policing how your trademark or business name appears on the Internet is important to insure it is being displayed in the manner you want. Even if your business’s online presence is minimal, recent changes in how generic top-level domain (“gTLD”) names are assigned could have significant impact on your company. These changes will affect how […]

Denver Patent Lawyer to Appear on Tom Martino Radio Show to Discuss the Patent Reform Act.

On Wednesday, September 14th 2011 from 10am-12pm on KHOW (630 on the AM dial), I will be appearing on the Tom Martino show to discuss with him changes in the patent laws as a result of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act that will be signed into law any day now. Please tune in if you […]

Colorado Trade Secrets Attorney Explains Recent Developments Making the Protection of Trade Secrets a Bit Easier in Colorado

The Colorado Supreme Court recently made implementation of certain intellectual property policies and protections a bit easier for companies with staff, who, in the past might have taken their employers’ intellectual property and used it to compete with them. Over the years Leyendecker & Lemire has worked with a number of established businesses to implement […]

Denver Patent Lawyer Discusses Preserving Foreign Patent Rights: Is a PCT Application for You? (PART I)

Is it necessary for an inventor to obtain patent protection outside the United States? For US inventors trying to commercialize their inventions domestically on their own, the answer might well be “No”. However, for at least some inventors, very real strategic advantages may be realized by pursuing more global patent protection. This blog article is […]

Denver Copyright Attorney Discusses How You May Not Be Infringing Someone’s Copyright But Still Violating Copyright Law.

Over the years, Leyendecker & Lemire has represented numerous photographers.   One of the more frequent issues we discuss is the subject of photo credits.  While near and dear to the hearts of photographers, the topic of photo credits is not generally much of a legal issue.  This is mainly due to the fact that the […]

Colorado Patent Attorney Answers Your Questions: Should I Patent My Invention/Idea?

This is a question I hear quite a bit. And it is an important one. After all, pursuing and obtaining a patent on your invention can cost well over ten thousand dollars by the time it is all said and done. You need to know what the expenditure is getting you. Unfortunately, it is not […]


In my last blog pot, I suggested you can use commercial success of your invention as evidence to help overcome rejection of patent claims by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Here is a little more on that process. Many patent claims are rejected for failing the “nonobvious” requirement for patentability of an invention. […]